Knoll Light Factory 3

Lens Flare Presets

Presets are pre-built lens flare effects that you can use as-is, or as starting points for custom effects. You can build your own flare effects from individual elements and save them as additional Lens Flare Presets.

The Lens Flare Presets palette is part of the Lens Designer. You can access the Preset List by clicking the Show Lens Flare Presets button, located at the lower left of the Lens Designer dialog. The keyboard shortcut for opening/closing the Preset window is 'L'.

Make a Selection by scrolling through the list of presets, or use the Search feature to locate the one you want to work with. Double click to add it to the Preview. That's it! You're ready to start editing the flare.

Search box is a quick way to find the preset you want from a large preset library. As you type a name in the textbox, the list wll narrow to display only matching presets.

Load button opens a Browse window that lets you import a preset from a .lfp file.

Export button is similar to the Save Preset button below, but it exposes the file path so you can share the preset.

Saving presets is great if you work on only one machine, but if you are working with another editor or on multiple computers, then exporting presets is more useful. Select a preset that you like, click Export, and choose the directory you'd like to save it to. You can now share this preset with an editor or import the preset on a different computer using the Load button.

Always Append Elements is an option that, when checked, adds all of the elements for an effect to the element stack when the preset is double-clicked. If unchecked, when a preset is double-clicked, all of the elements for that effect will replace elements in the stack.

  • Note: When the checkbox is not active, the keyboard shortcut for appending is Option (Mac)/Alt (Win) + double-click.

Save Preset button, located in the Lens Flare Editor, lets you save your own Knoll Light Factory preset. With a lens flare effect already designed and displayed in the Preview Window, simply click the Save Preset button. A Save window will open and prompt you to save the new preset as an .LFP file. You can also create new preset categories to organize your work.