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Lens Distortion Matcher


Lens Distortion comes packaged in the VFX Suite installer. Since it's a plugin, you must first have installed a compatible host program for it to work with. When launched and its prompts followed, the installer will automatically place the required components onto your hard drive in whichever directories they need to be placed.

  1. Close any and all host applications: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, etc., should all be closed prior to running the installer.

  2. Agree to License Terms & Service: Once the installer's launched, agree to the terms and service outlined before proceeding, then click Continue.

  3. Product Selection: Check off any plugins you'd like to install onto your system. If you don't own one of the plugins listed, you can install it regardless as a trial version, which will help give you an idea how the plugin runs on your system.

  4. Install: After clicking install, the installer will then automatically place each and every component for the plugin(s) selected for installation wherever they need to go. The installer may ask for administrative credentials after this step on account it is placing files in directories that will be accessible by all users on the system.

  5. Installation Complete/Enter Licensing Info: Once the installation's complete, use the Enter Licensing Info... button to enter whatever serial(s) you may have available for entry. This step can also be completed through the plugin Effect Controls window.

You may now close the installer and head into the host program the plugin(s) had been installed into.