Magic Bullet Cosmo II

Magic Bullet Cosmo II Overview

Cosmo II gives you the ability to quickly balance skin tones, reduce wrinkles and remove skin blemishes, to make your talent look their best.

Below you'll find a description of how the different controls will adjust your footage.

Skin Selection

Show Selection: Before this control will operate, you need to first use skin sample. After Skin Sample has been used, Show Selection will show the mask that Cosmo II uses in order to isolate skin to perform it's correction. You can adjust how much of your footage is selected with Selection Offset and Selection Tolerance.

Skin Sample: In order for Cosmo II to take effect, this is the first parameter you'll need to use. Use this color picker to sample a section of your talent's skin. We recommend choosing a portion of skin that has even lighting for best results. Avoid areas where the skin is in shadow or areas where the skin may be altered by a bright light.

Selection Offset: This control rotates the Hue of the current Skin Sample. Use this with Selection Tolerance to isolate the skin tones of your subject. To visualize the corrections from this control, it's helpful to turn on Show Selection.

Selection Tolerance: Widens or decreases the range of hues that Cosmo II will affect. Use this control if there's variations in your Talent's skin tone.

Skin Smoothing

Skin Smooth: This control will adjust the overall smoothness that is applied to the regions of skin that you've selected in the "Skin Selection" control grouping. Higher values will apply higher levels of smoothness which may cause the effect to perform slower.

Preserve Detail: This control will bring back fine detail in your subjects skins such as fine lines, eye lashes, etc.. to give Cosmo a more natural and subtle effect on your footage.

Preserve Contrast: This control will bring back contouring to your subject that is caused by variances in lighting. This is a refinement control to help