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Magic Bullet Cosmo II

Magic Bullet and EDIUS

Starting with the Magic Bullet Suite 12.1.4 release, Looks, Mojo, Cosmo, and Film will be supported in the EDIUS NLE, via the NewBlue OFX Bridge plug-in. This page will provide a brief walk through.


Step 1


Navigate to your Effect bin and locate the "OFX Bridge - Effects" plug-in inside Video Filters > NewBlue Essentials. Click and drag this plug-in on to the desired clip in your timeline.


Step 2


Double Click the "OFX Bridge - Effects" instance in the Information tab (to the right of the timeline), to launch the OFX Bridge dialog.


Step 3


Here you will find your installed Magic Bullet plug-ins. Click one to load it up in the window on the right and adjust your settings to taste. Make sure to select "OK" when you exit to save your changes.