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Magic Bullet Denoiser III


Below are descriptors for each of the different parameters within Denoiser:


Reduce Noise: This is the master control to adjust how much Noise is removed from you footage. Turning this up will require a bit more rendering time as it's removing more noise from your footage.

Smooth Colors: Smooth colors will specifically target color noise found in your footage and work to blend that noise together.

Preserve Details: This operates after Reduce noise in order to bring back detail that may have been lost by high levels of noise reduction. Increase this value to restore detail in your footage.


Amount: Reduce Noise can blur your footage at higher settings. Sharpen helps bring some of the lost sharpness back into your footage after the Denoising pass has been completed.

Radius: Affects the radius of sharpening that is performed on the edges of your subject. Edges are regions of your image where this is a sharp contrast between light and dark color values.