Magic Bullet Looks

Controls Pane

Controls Pane is where the tool controls open. These controls and settings directly affect your image and create the overall look. Looks has a unique interaction called Trackball mode that lets you change tool settings by using keyboard keys like Tilde and Up/Down arrows.


Trackpad Mode

Looks has a unique interaction mode called Trackpad mode. This mode lets you edit the numeric values of a tool's controls with the touch of a trackpad, trackball, or mouse. Every control can be customized in Trackball mode, and a unique built-in mapping of the keyboard aids in moving between the controls as you edit their values.

The best way to explain Trackpad mode is to show an example. Below, we use the controls for the Hue/Saturation tool.

Step 1. With the tool selected, press the Tilde key '~' (This key is next to the '1' key on US/Canadian keyboards)


Step 2. Press the Down arrow three times to select the Lift controls.


Step 3. Mouse or use a trackpad to push the center dot away from the reds toward blue.


Step 4. With the scroll-wheel, scroll down to change the luminance. Then press Return to exit the mode.


Trackball mode keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard controls are used in Trackball Mode:

  • tilde ( ~ ): Enter Trackball mode
  • Esc or Return: Leave Trackball mode and accept changes
  • Up arrow: Move to the control above the current one. If at the topmost control, nothing happens.
  • Down arrow: Move to the control below the current one. If the control is the last in the list, nothing happens.
  • Left arrow: Move to the previous tool in the chain and select the top or last-used control.
  • Right arrow: Move to the next tool in the chain and select the top or last-used control.
  • Command/Ctrl-Z: Undo the last change (this works without leaving the Trackball mode).
  • Command/Ctrl+Shift - Z: Redo the last change (this works with leaving the Trackball mode).