Magic Bullet Looks

General Keyboard Shortcuts

Function Macintosh Windows
Open/Close Looks Drawer L L
Open/Close Tool Drawer T T
Open/Close Scopes S, or Down Key S, or Down Key
Open/Close Controls C C
Undo Command + Z Ctrl + Z
Redo Command + Shift + Z Ctrl + Shift + Z
Delete Tool "Delete" while tool is selected. "Delete" while tool is selected.
Toggle ToolChain \ \
Move Left 1 Tool < <
Move Right 1 Tool > >
Increase Zoom level + +
Decrease Zoom level - -
Exit Modal Window (No changes applied) Esc Esc
Apply Look (and return to host) Enter Enter

Track-pad Mode Shortcuts

Function Shortcut
Enter/Exit Track-pad Mode ~
Enter/Exit Track-pad Mode (Non-US Keyboard Layout) Mac: ⌘+T Win: Ctrl+T
Exit Track-pad Mode Esc
Move One Control Parameter Up Up, W
Move One Control Parameter Down Down, S
Move One Tool to the Left Left, A
Move one Tool to the Right Right, D

Trackpad Mode Gesture Shortcuts

Function Getsure
Scroll Up/Down through Controls in control pane Two Finger Multi touch scroll "up"
Move to the next tool Two finger multi touch swipe "Left" and "Right"