Magic Bullet Looks

Looks Drawer

Magic Bullet Looks ships with many pre-built 'looks', which are unique combinations of tools and color choices. These look presets are accessed from the Looks Drawer and can be quickly previewed by hovering your mouse over the preview.

Activate the Looks Drawer

To bring the Looks Drawer into view, just mouse over the Looks button at bottom left or press "L" to open and close the Looks Drawer. This window lets you choose a preset from any category. When you click on a preset, the preset previews in the Preview window so you can quickly evaluate the look. The look preset also automatically loads related tools into the Tool Chain. As soon as your mouse leaves the Looks Drawer, the panel will close and you can edit the Look or apply it to your image.

Searching Looks

Every preset in Looks has keywords to help you find a look that you're going for. Type any word you can think to describe the atmosphere of what you're going for, and the search will do its best to find a preset that matches your search. Alternatively, you can just search for the presets by name.

Selecting Folders

By default, all Looks folders will be selected. To limit your view to just one Look folder, click on a Folder. If you would like to view multiple folders, you can Command+Click (Mac) or Control+Click (Win) to multi-select folders to appear in the Looks Drawer. To select all the Folders again, click on the "LOOKS" header at the top of the Folders Column.

Marking a Look as a "Favorite"

You can Favorite Looks from any category, including Custom folders. When browsing Looks, mouse over a Look thumbnail and click on the star icon to mark that Look as a Favorite. When you do this for the first time, a new "Favorites" folder will appear at the top of the list of Looks folders. All of your favorited looks will appear in this folder. You can un-favorite a look at any time by clicking on the solid star icon. If you un-favorite all of the Looks in your Favorite folder, it will be removed from your list until you favorite another look.

Importing Looks

You can import Looks presets from other sources (e.g. other machines or other users) by selecting the Import button at the top of the Looks drawer () and navigating to the wherever the Look is selected and importing it there. It then gets stored in the Custom Looks folder.

Managing Custom Looks

You can create a custom Look, by adding tools to the Tool Chain and then clicking on the Save Look button. The Save Look button will open a dialog that prompts you to name your Look and choose which Custom folder to save it to. By default, all custom looks are added to the "Custom" folder. If you select "New Folder" in the "Save Look to" drop down menu, you can create a new Look Folder and name it directly in the save dialog. You can also add a new custom folder in the Looks Drawer by clicking the "+" icon next to "CUSTOM LOOKS". You can then drag and drop your custom Looks between folders. If you ever want to rename a folder or a Look, right click on that folder/Look to bring up a drop-down menu that will allow you to rename/delete those files.

Where to find Looks Drawer presets

Looks in Magic Bullet Looks are saved as .MBLook files.

To quickly access the custom preset folder, you can click on the Options wheel and select "View Presets Folder...". This option will open a window in Finder/Windows Explorer that will automatically direct you to the custom preset folder.

On the Mac, these preset files are located in two directories on your computer. By saving presets to your User Library, your Look presets are functional in an Admin or non-Admin user account. The locations are:

  • Looks saves custom presets to your User Library: ~/Library/Application Support/LooksBuilder/Looks
  • Looks reads the shipped presets from the Root Library: /Library/Application Support/LooksBuilder/Default Looks

For Windows, the locations are:

  • Looks saves custom presets to your User directory: C:Users[User]AppDataLocalLooksBuilder
  • Looks reads the shipped presets from the Program Files directory: C:Program Files(x86)LooksBuilderDefault Looks