Magic Bullet Looks

Tools Drawer

The Tools Drawer displays the individual tools available in Magic Bullet Looks. The Drawer is opened by mousing over the vertical hot zone on the right side of the screen. Alternatively, you can press "T" to toggle whether the Tools Drawer is opened or closed.

How they are organized

These tools are organized into four categories: Selective, Camera, Color Correction, and Film. Each category of tools affect a different aspect of your shot, and can be added or arranged in whatever order you'd like.

By default, tools will add themselves too the Tool Chain in an order it thinks is best, but you are free to rearrange them out of this order to your liking.

This page has an overview of each Tool Area. Go to the Tool Chain page for more details.

Tool Presets

Each Tool can have a set of Tool Presets. You can access and save tool presets in the control pane after applying each Tool. The first parameter in each Tool is a preset dropdown that will allow you to alter the Tool to an existing preset or save a new Tool preset based off of your current modifications to the tool.

Selective Tools

Includes: Exposure, Contrast, Black & White, Gradient, Grad Expose, Spot Exposure, Fill Light, Spot Fill, and Shadows/Highlights

Visit the Selective Tools section to learn more about each one.

Camera Tools

Includes: Diffusion, Star Filter, Chromatic Aberration, Lens Vignette, Lens Distortion, Edge Softness, Swing-Tilt, Haze/Flare, Anamorphic Flare, and Shutter Stock

Visit the Camera Tools section to learn more about each one.

Color Correction Tools

Includes: Colorista, Pop, 4-Way Color, Hue/Saturation, Mojo II, LUT, Huenity, Color Remap, Channel Mixer, Color Blend, Duotone, and S Curve.

Visit the the Color Correction Tools section to learn more about each one.

Film Tools

Includes: Film Negative, Film Print, Renoiser, Print Bleach Bypass, 2-Strip Process, Telecine Net, and Shoulder.

Visit the Film Tools section to learn more about each one.