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Magic Bullet Mojo II


Below you'll find a description of how the different controls within Mojo II will adjust your footage:

My Footage Is: This drop down menu will apply a contrast curve to your footage to bring out the full tonal range of your footage. Shooting Flat or LOG stores important color information, but it's hard to see the true potential of your footage until you apply a S-Curve, LUT or our built in "My Footage Is" adjustment to your footage. If you are using a camera that shoots in LOG C, like an Alexa, use the LOG Pro for best results.

Presets: The preset dropdown will automatically adjust all of the parameters in Mojo to one of our built in presets. These settings are a great starting point to explore the potential of Mojo.

Mojo: The Mojo effect warms the highlights and cools the shadows in footage. The Mojo slider controls the strength of that effect.

Mojo Tint: Mojo Tint sets the hue of the green-blue shadows. It allows colors that range from powder blue to cyan to teal to green. Those cool shadows can range from royal blue to emerald green, although most stylizations opt for the teal hue in between.

Punch It: Mojo tries not to affect the overall contrast of your image, but if you want to add some contrast, use the Punch  slider. This is a contrast control that modulates saturation as it is increased. The contrast is across the entire color range.

Bleach It: The Bleach control lets you vary the overall color saturation. The control provides a way to add or remove saturation from the final result. As the slider value increases, the image loses color. With negative values, colors become more saturated.

Fade It: The Fade controls lifts the brightness of the rich black tones of your image to give your image a faded look.

Blue Squeeze: Blue Squeeze compresses the blue tones to be more uniform in hue. This compression or 'squeezing'  gives you greater control of the overall color palette of your image. This parameter pairs especially well with the Tint control.

Skin Squeeze: Often skin tones are too varied in color, and sometimes people's skin can take on a blotchy appearance. Skin Squeeze compresses the skin tones to be more uniform in hue. This compression or 'squeezing' reduces blotchiness and unifies uneven complexions, which has the effect of flattening out skin tones.

Vignette it: Adds a subtle vignette that mimics a real-world lens vignette. A lens vignette occurs when the light that enters the lens is partially blocked by the barrel, causing a natural decrease in brightness around the edges of the frame.


Exposure : This is a correction control to adjust the overall exposure of your image.

Cool/Warm: This is a correction control that adjusts the overall color temperature of your image. Positive values make the image more orange and negative values make the image more blue.

Green/Magenta: This is a correction control that adjusts the overall tint of your image. Positive values make the image more magenta and negative values make the image more green.

Skin Yellow/Pink: This is a correction control that targets a range of hues that skin usually fall into. If you've got your shot looking great but your subjects skin is just a bit to yellow or pink, this slider will allow you to make corrections without adjusting the overall tint of your image.  Positive values make skin pinker while negative values make skin yellower.

Show Skin Overlay:  Toggling this control on will display a grid over any part of your footage where the hue is in a correct range for Skin tone. If you see a unified grid across your subject's skin, you can be assured that you're in a great spot with your color grade. While the overlay will display in your preview, it will not appear in any final renders.

Strength: Controls the overall strength of the Mojo Tool. 0% will effectively turn off the Mojo Tool, whereas 100% will apply the Mojo Tool at full strength.