Offload is a copy utility for media card files. Get your footage and stills off your camera safely and quickly, with complete trust.

Offload has a clean, simple, single-screen user interface. We’ve made it intern-proof, and even director-proof. It has automatic recognition of inserted media cards and creates a fast, safe, checksummed copy of all the files on your card. Optional backup of imported files to a second destination is also easy to create and checksummed for safety.

Offload is meant to be a tool that you can use on or off set and it has large, clear thumbnails for all recognized media types. With the large thumbnails and clearly visible offload progression, it is easy to start the offload process and see it from a distance while continuing with a shoot.

It integrates with your workflow, rather than trying to replace it. Offload has easily customizable subfolders, a tabbed layout to track previous/multiple sessions, and quick and easy access to offloaded media from the interface by double-clicking on a thumbnail to go right to the imported file.