Media Preview Panel

Backups are second copies of the source media.

  1. Media Preview Panel Tabs: When a new offload session is started Offload creates a new tab in the media preview panel.
    The target media for the offload process is displayed as thumbnails in this tabbed panel. Each tab shows the date and time of the offload.

  2. Media Preview Panel Menu: Clicking on the Media Preview Panel Menu offers the options to Cancel Active events like offloads, and clear the offload tabs/history.

    Media Preview Panel Menu
  3. Media Preview Panel Thumbnails: Each source media file is represented in the Media Preview Panel as a thumbnail.

    Media thumbnails
    1. During the offload process Offload uses the thumbnails to display the progress. The first pass is yellow and represents the offload process.
      Media thumbnails
    2. The second pass is cyan and represents the checksum verification process.
      Media thumbnails
    3. When the offload and checksum verification are complete, Offload displays a cyan check-mark over each thumbnail.
      Media thumbnails