Exporting to Vegas Pro

PluralEyes works a little differently with Vegas Pro than the other editing applications. To work with Vegas, you always start the project in Vegas; send the timeline data to PluralEyes 4; do the sync in PluralEyes; then send the sync data back to Vegas in a similarly fluid command. It's a round-trip process.

Here is the whole process, from import to export.

    1. Create a sequence in Vegas Pro containing the clips you want to sync.
      • Make sure to put the clips from each camera or audio recorder on a separate track.
    2. In Vegas Pro, click Tools > Extensions > PluralEyes 4.
    3. Once PluralEyes 4 opens and the sequence is imported, click the Synchronize button.
    4. After PluralEyes 4 has analyzed and synced the sequence, you can click the Export Timeline button.

The PluralEyes 4 interface will close and you will go back to Vegas Pro to find the synced sequence.