Exporting to Sony Vegas Pro

PluralEyes works a little differently with Vegas Pro than the other editing applications. To work with Vegas, you always start the project in Vegas; send the timeline data to PluralEyes 4; do the sync in PluralEyes; then send the sync data back to Vegas in a similarly fluid command. It's a round-trip process.

Here is the whole process, from import to export.

    1. Create a sequence in Vegas Pro containing the clips you want to sync. Make sure to put the clips from each camera or audio recorder on a separate track.
    2. In your Vegas timeline, select the tracks that you want to sync.
    3. In Vegas, click Tools> Extensions> PluralEyes 4. Alternately, you can use Options> Customize menu to add a PluralEyes button to the Main Toolbar:


  1. PluralEyes 4 will open. Depending on the length of your Vegas project and the number of clips, it may take a moment for PluralEyes to gather your files and launch the PluralEyes 4 window. Your Vegas timeline has now been imported.
  2. In PluralEyes, click the Synchronize tab. PluralEyes will sync the tracks that you selected in Vegas.NOTE: If you have no tracks selected, PluralEyes 4 will attempt to sync everything.
  3. After PluralEyes has analyzed and synced your clips, you can click the Export Timeline tab. The PluralEyes interface will close and you will go back to Vegas.
  4. Your original timeline is now synced in Sony Vegas.