Working with Premiere Pro via PluralEyes 4 Panel

PluralEyes 4 Panel can make your workflow even more efficient. It is an extension for Premiere Pro that lets Adobe Premiere Pro communicate directly with PluralEyes 4 and makes the integration between PluralEyes and Premiere Pro fast and seamless.

Installing PluralEyes 4 Panel

PluralEyes 4 Panel is automatically installed with PluralEyes 4 if you select the correct version of Premiere Pro upon installation as described here. Installer Premiere Pro CC 2015 Note: PluralEyes 4 Panel only works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 or later.

Using PluralEyes 4 Panel

Here is how Panel works:

  1. In Premiere Pro, create a sequence containing the clips you want to sync. Make sure to put the clips from each camera or audio recorder on a separate track.Premiere Pro sequnce
  2. Click Window > Extensions> PluralEyes 4. Note: if you have Connector for PluralEyes 3 installed, you will also see that in the Extensions list.PE4-PP Extension menu
  3. PluralEyes 4 Panel will automatically open and give you the option to Synchronize directly from the Panel or to Open the sequence in PluralEyes 4.PE4 Panel popup
  4. You can synchronize your sequence without leaving Premiere Pro or needing to open up the PluralEyes 4 stand-alone application.
  5. If you chose to Open in PluralEyes, then process as you would if you added the media directly in the stand-alone application.
  6. Once the sync is created, when you exit PluralEyes, the synced sequence will automatically be added to the Premiere Pro project that you left active.

Things to know

Depending upon the length of your sync, these steps explained above often take only a few minutes. However, Connector requires a certain setup between those applications, and there are a few points to know about.

  • The PluralEyes panel only supports media that has not been edited. The panel does not support effects, transitions, in/out points or other forms of clip manipulation.
  • The PluralEyes Panel can be slow when dealing with certain file types. This is due to media preparation that happens before the sync.

NOTE: If you run into problems using PluralEyes 4 Panel, we suggest that instead you try the Export XML workflow listed in Using the Premiere Pro tab.