PluralEyes can be installed as a standalone program, or as a connection into Premiere. When launched and its prompts followed, the installer will automatically place the required components onto your hard drive in whichever directories they need to be placed.

  1. Introduction: Read Requirements & Agree to Terms
    The PluralEyes installer provides general host and OS specifications. There's also Software Agreement and Terms. If you have any questions about what's authorized or unauthorized usage of our products, consult this documentation. You will not be able to install any of our products without having agreed to the terms outlined here.

    Review this page for the current system requirements.
  2. Installation Type: Choose PluralEyes for Installation
    PluralEyes will install into any compatible Premiere version detected on your system. Make doubly sure Premiere is closed before starting the installation.

  3. Installation: Install

    Now the program will install into onto your setup accordingly. This process may take 5-10 minutes depending on your system.

  4. Activate: Register PluralEyes

    Clicking Activate will launch the Red Giant Application Manager, where you can log in with your Red Giant or Maxon ID to automatically license the program if it was purchased directly from either website. If you have a serial, use the top right menu of the Red Giant Application Manager to select Enter Serial Number and activate it manually.