The Export Timeline Tab

After you have finished syncing your clips in PluralEyes 4, you can export the synced timeline. All of your export choices are available in the Export Timeline tab. Synched-Media-to-Export


Menu options for exporting

File> Export Timeline. If you want to change options before exporting, use the File> Export Timeline command. This opens the Export Timeline tab drop-down panel. File Menu    

Exporting a synced timeline

Under the Export Formats drop-down selector, you can export the synced timeline in XML file format that works with specific editing applications. The optimal export format depends on the NLE you’re using in post-production. With Audio or Media Files you can export new audio or video files that are synced. These newly created files can be used in any editing application, including ones that aren't directly supported by PluralEyes. The Export Format options exports a synced timeline for use directly in an NLE. XML files are created for Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro. Export FCP X PluralEyes also exports a synced timeline directly to Vegas Pro, but the project must start in Vegas Pro in order for the export option to work. Learn more    

Exporting as audio or video files

The Audio Files option saves new audio files trimmed to the same length as their corresponding and synchronized video files. The Video Files option saves new video files with camera audio replaced with the external audio. If you want to export both new audio and video files you will have to export the timeline twice. Learn more Export Video Files When you export new audio or videio files, you will be asked where to save the exported files.    


How long does exporting take?

The export process can take from one second to several hours, depending on the size of your project and the output format you choose. The sync process can take a while because PluralEyes is extracting audio content and matching your audio to video. You will see a progress bar in the bottom right of the interface for both syncing and exporting. When an export is in progress, PluralEyes works in the background so your computer isn’t tied up. You can simultaneously work on a different PluralEyes project or use other applications. Timeline-Exported