What are Temporary Sync Files?

When you start a project and add your media files, PluralEyes writes temporary files to the hard drive to assist in speeding up the syncing process, similar to a cache with your NLE. The default location of this data will be stored with other Red Giant temporary files on system drive.

Temp Sync Files Dir

Temporary file management

You can change the location of where your temporary files get generated as well as the frequency that PluralEyes can be set to purge them.

You will start by accessing the Preferences top pull-down menu by selecting the Application Menu > Preferences, which will bring up a pop-up panel on your main application window.

Preferences Menu

Temp Sync 01

You can change the default location of your temporary files to a specific drive/folder, or chose to allow PluralEyes to create a new folder along with the media you ingest with each new project. This is helpful if you are using multiple media drives for several projects or working off a workgroup server and need to share project files and sync data.

Temp Sync 03

You can also change the frequency of the automated temporary file purge options, or choose to not delete them at all.

Temp Sync 02