Red Giant BulletProof

Activity Status

Activity Status is your monitoring area for Import, Backup and Export processes. This window gives you a real-time display of the the progress of importing, backing up and exporting clips.



Activity Status window

The Activity Status window shows how far along the import, backup or export is, and whether each clip has been successful. You can view the window anytime by clicking the Activity Indicator button.

When you start an import or export, the Activity Status window immediately opens to show its progress. For each activity, the number of clips imported, backed up and exported are counted and shown.

  • A progress bar is shown for each activity, and indicates that it's In Progress.
  • A checksum display keeps you notified of each media item passing a crc32 verification.
  • Activities that have finished are shown as Complete, Canceled or Failed.
  • To cancel an activity, click the X button in its row. Currently, there is no pause/resume feature.
  • The Imported column counts the clips that are finished.
  • The Remaining column counts the clips still in progress.
  • The Errors column counts the clips that failed.



Activity Indicator button

This button lets you know that BulletProof is working hard! The Activity Indicator turns orange and spins to indicate that BulletProof is processing media for import, backup or export.

Hover over the Activity Indicator to open the Activity Status window and see details about what's happening. Click the Activity Indicator to keep the window open. You can do this anytime, whether or not an activity is in progress.



Activity Log & checksum verification

An Activity Log is generated whenever you import, backup or export media. All activities get saved in their own Import, Backup or Export log file. The log will list every clip and if it was successful, unsuccessful or aborted during the process.

To access the logs, click the "i" button in the Activity Window, or go to File> Show Activity Log File. The files can be opened in a text reader like TextEdit or the Console.

BulletProof uses a byte verification of CRC-32 (Cycle Redundancy Check) that makes sure the media copy always matches the original source. Learn more in Checksum & Activity Log.