Red Giant BulletProof

Adding Labels to Clips

Labels are file attributes that lets you define the usefulness of a clip. You can flag a clip as good or bad, rate it, add a color coding, and add comments to define the clip. Because Labels are so helpful, there are many ways to add them in BulletProof.

  • Add Label attributes in the Label set of the Metadata panel.
  • Choose a Label from BulletProof's Metadata menu.
  • Open the Thumbnail drop-down menu for a clip and add a Label.
  • Context-click on a thumbnail, then add a Label from the menu.
  • Select a thumbnail, then press the keyboard shortcut for a Label.

The Labels set in the Metadata panel and the Thumbnails menu for a clip.



Add a Star Rating

Star Ratings let you rate how good a clip is. The Star Rating is always visible in the clip thumbnail.

  • The rating goes from 1 Star (poor) to 5 Stars (good).
  • None, or no stars, is the default setting. When you hover over a Star Rating, the rating can be set with a click.
  • To remove all stars, hover over and click the None icon.
  • Shortcuts: The 1 to 5 keys apply that number of stars. The Tilde ~ key removes all stars.


Add a Flag Status

Flag Status lets you mark if a clip is usable or shouldn't be used.

  • None, or no flag, is the default setting.
  • Flag. The default setting, which marks the clip as good quality and a possibility for production. In the thumbnail, a yellow checkmark appears at top left.
  • Reject. Marks the clip as poor quality and not usable for production. In the thumbnail, a red X appears over the clip.
  • Shortcuts: The P key adds a Flag. The X key adds a Reject.

Add a Circle Take

Circle Take marks a clip as very good; this is similar to marking an image as a favorite. In the thumbnail, a yellow circled checkmark appears at top left.

The name "circle take" comes from traditional film production, during which the script supervisor will circle a take number if the director likes the action of that take.

Shortcuts: The C key adds a Circle Take.


Add a Color Label

Color Labels can be used to group clips together, or to organize your catalog. We know everyone has their favorite labeling method so we included as many colors as possible. Perhaps you like Red for closeups and Yellow for wide angle shots, or Green for a-roll and Purple for b-roll.

NOTE: Color Labels are useful within BulletProof. However, they don't carry over in the metadata export to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. This isn't an organization strategy that your editor will be able to see in an editing application.


Add a Comment

You can add a Comment in the Metadata panel. Just type in the words that you want to notate the clip with.