Red Giant BulletProof

Checksum Verification & Activity Log

BulletProof makes it simple to backup to multiple destinations and validate your precious data—bit for bit.

An Activity Log is generated whenever you import, backup or export media. The Import, Backup and Export log files list every clip that BulletProof looks at, and if its process was successful, aborted or failed. The CRC32 checksum verification is the function that lets you know this status.



CRC32 checksum

BulletProof uses a byte verification of CRC-32, or Cycle Redundancy Check, that makes sure the media copy always matches the original source.

CRC32 is a numeric string that is generated for each file that is copied for import or backup. BulletProof runs a check function on the original file and the copy; if the values match, then the file contents match. This checksum verifies that each file has safely copied over.

You can view the check value in a couple of places.

  • The Activity Status window shows a real-time verification of each clip as it imports, backs up or exports.
  • The Basic Info metadata set shows the CRC32 verification number.
  • You can verify the checksum after the file transfer by going through the Activity Log files.



Viewing the Activity Logs

An Activity Log is generated whenever you import or export media. Each log is date-stamped and has a numeric iteration of "Process_Day_Month_Year_#". All import, backup and export processes get saved in their own log file, and each clip is listed as successful, failed or aborted.

To access the logs, click the "i" button in the Activity Status window, or go to File> Show Activity Log File. The log files are stored in the same location as your .RGCAT file, inside a Logs folder. The files can be opened in a text reader like TextEdit or the Console.


An "Import.log" file is created per import process. It shows import activities that gotten written to the target location.

BulletProof calculates a CRC32 checksum on each imported clip, so all of your media is reliably verified. You will see the crc32 verification next to each successfully imported clip.

A "Backup.log" file is created per backup copy. If you switch on three Backup Clip tasks while offloading footage, then three separate Backup logs are generated. You will see the crc32 verification next to each successfully backed up clip.

An "Export.log" file is created per export queue. If you have three Export Clip tasks in the queue, all information is generated in the same Export log file. There is no checksum for exported files.



Failure to copy

If a file does not successfully complete an activity, you will see that status in a couple of places.

  • In the Activity Log, you will see a 0 value in the Verification field. If a file fails on import or backup, a CRC32 check value is not generated.
  • The Activity Status window will show the activity as being canceled, and will list the files that errored.