Red Giant BulletProof

Color Presets

A Color preset is a saved set of predefined color settings. Presets are a handy way of saving choices that you already made, and reusing those settings in other catalogs.

Every adjustment in the Color Settings panel can load as a color preset. That preset will visually change the clips it is applied to, but only as a preview, unless you choose to export those settings. Color adjustments are non-destructive in BulletProof, so your original clip is always untouched.

There is a Color Preset drop-down menu in the Color Settings panel. You can save a new color preset, or export a LUT file, at any time with this menu.



Apply a preset

To apply a Color preset, click the drop-down menu and choose one. The default choice is None, which means no preset is loaded.

When a preset is loaded, the color tools used will switch on, indicated by a green icon.



Save a new preset

To save a Color preset, click the drop-down and choose Save New Preset. Give the preset a name that reflects its settings. In our example below, we saved a Color preset that adjusts the red values in Colorista 3-Way with a 50% Saturation, and called that preset “saturate 50 red.”



Change the preset settings

Once a Color preset is loaded, you can change its settings. When a setting is changed, the group’s name will display an asterisk. To preserve those changes, the edited preset displays its own Save option. When you choose that option, you will be prompted to overwrite its settings.



Export Color Settings as a LUT

In addition to creating a preset, BulletProof can save your color adjustments as a LUT file, so you can share it with compliant software and devices. To export a LUT file, simply select this option, choose a name for the LUT file, and choose a location to save it. Learn more about LUTs



Manage the presets

To view and manage your Color presets, click the menu and choose Manage Presets. This will open the hard drive location where the presets are stored. From here, you can delete or move the .bpwp files that each represent a preset.