Red Giant BulletProof

Color Settings Panel

The Color Settings panel has four professional tools for making basic color adjustments or previewing creative looks. This page discusses an overview of the tools, which are in Refine view, and how they work together in the BulletProof pipeline.

Color adjustments are added to clips as metadata, and are always non-destructive so you can experiment freely. Some Color Setting tools inspect your clips for exposure and color, while others are good for unifying and previewing colors. You can work even faster by applying our LUT presets or a LUT of your own.

Already know Red Giant? If you are familiar with Red Giant’s color correction family, Magic Bullet Suite, then you already know BulletProof’s color tools. Colorista 3-Way is from two popular products, Magic Bullet Colorista II and Magic Bullet Looks 2. Auto Balance comes from Colorista II, and Curves is also from Looks 2. The LUT controls are also distributed in our free Magic Bullet LUT Buddy.



Applying color in BulletProof

All color is applied non-destructively in BulletProof, so your original clips are always safe and untouched. The color can be applied to clips when you export them; ignored during export; or removed from the clips in your catalog. You do this in BulletProof outside of the Color Settings panel.

Apply color at import. In Import Options, there is a Color Preset menu. This lets you apply color adjustments during import that you saved previously as a preset in the Color Settings panel. As with all color in BulletProof, the Color presets are non-destructive, since you can switch them off or change the settings at any time. Learn more

Apply color at export. In Export Options, there is a switch called Apply Color Settings. When you turn on the switch, this tells BulletProof to bake your color adjustments into the exported clips. Learn more

Ignore color at export. By default, the Apply Color Settings switch is turned off. This tells BulletProof to ignore any color adjustments when exporting.

Remove the color. The context-command Remove Color Settings will strip off any color adjustments. Do this by Control- or Right-clicking on a thumbnail.

Above, the Color Preset menu in Import Options.
Below, the Apply switch in Export Options.



The BulletProof color pipeline

The processing order of the Color Setting tools follows their order in the Color Settings panel. Auto Balance is applied first, then Colorista 3-Way, then Curves, and finally a LUT.

  1. Auto Balance
  2. Colorista 3-Way
  3. Curves
  4. LUT

Of course, each tool needs to be switched on, and have an adjustment to apply, in order to affect the pipeline.

The color corrections that are performed in BulletProof are built around the assumption that the material is captured in Log or Video gamma. Therefore, you want to apply these corrections to footage that has no gamma correction before applying a LUT that will likely shift the gamma.

Here is a scenario. Let's imagine that you are shooting a Prolost preset on your Canon 5D mk III. You set the Colorista 3-Way highlight wheel to shift the image to a warm tone, and then apply a gamma-correcting LUT like "Prolost_to_Standard" to conform the footage. The BulletProof color tools reflect this order of operations with color corrections first and LUTs last. You can think of this as grading "under" the LUT since the LUT comes last in the chain.

As another example, Auto Balance sees "under" the subsequent adjustments. If you use Colorista 3-Way to make a clip look orange, Auto Balance will still see the gray area in that shot as gray, not as orange.

The main thing to note is that color corrections algorithms assume a Log or Video gamma, so you want to do these before shifting the gamma further with a LUT operation.

GPU processing. BulletProof’s color tools use the GPU for processing. You will see the color adjustments working in real time when you play a clip.

What it doesn’t do. BulletProof does not explicitly work with ColorSync or any other color management frameworks. We don't support color adjustments for non-video clips; images like Photoshop TIFs can be seen but not affected. Learn about file types



Why use the color tools?

The Color Setting tools in BulletProof are helpful in a number of ways, like exporting clips while on set or for instant client review.

Check your shots on set. Review how footage works with a color idea while you’re at the shoot. If you know the color is right, you can move on to the next shot. If you see that the color is wrong, you can shoot again immediately, avoiding the cost and hassle of reshooting later.

Jumpstart the color grade. BulletProof lets you jumpstart your color grading with a first pass of color adjustments, before you go to an editing program. This is useful when you know that you’ll need to match shots, or correct for shooting conditions like a color cast or exposure.

Create a rough edit. Organize a set of clips, set ins and outs, apply basic color adjustments, and play in order to quickly see a rough cut. This quick rough edit lets you know immediately if the footage supports the story you’re telling.

Quick client review. BulletProof is great for exporting dailies for quick client review. The Color Settings let you add color adjustments to these exports, so your client can visualize how the final shot will look once it’s fully color graded.

Use for proxies and dailies. In general, you will often want to export proxies and dailies with color treatments. Typically your final master exports will not get Color Settings applied, as you’ll make the true color correction in your editing application.