Red Giant BulletProof

Create a New Catalog

Your BulletProof workflow always starts with a BulletProof project, which is called a “catalog.” Each Catalog exists as a project file on your hard drive, in the .RGCAT file format, which you can read about here. To learn about importing clips in your catalog, go here.


Creating a new catalog

To create a new catalog, go to File> New Catalog, or click Command-N. Only one catalog can be open at a time. When a new catalog is created, if a existing catalog is already open, then BulletProof will close it.

Is this your first time? If you are using BulletProof for the first time on your computer, when you open the application, you will initially see a New Catalog dialog that asks you to create a catalog. Then BulletProof will launch with an empty catalog that is ready for an import.

Already used the app? If you used BulletProof previously on your computer,
the application will launch in Organize view. BulletProof will display the last catalog that you had open, whether that catalog is filled with imported clips, or an empty catalog that’s ready for import.


Options for the new catalog

In the New Catalog dialog, you are asked to make a few simple decisions. The catalog file and source clips are saved to different folders by default, but you can choose your own locations here.

  1. Name your BulletProof project, which is the catalog.

  2. Decide where to save that catalog file, which is an .RGCAT format.
    • Default location. The default location is your Documents folder, at User/Documents/Red Giant/Catalogs.
    • Choose location. You can choose a different location by clicking the Choose... button.

  3. Decide where to save copies of the source clips that you will import.
    • Default location. The default location is your Movies folder, User/Movies/Red Giant/Media.
    • Choose location. You can choose a different location by clicking the Choose... button.
    • Same location. The Save Clips to Same Location checkbox saves your imported clips to a folder in the same location as your BulletProof catalog.


Buttons in the New Catalog dialog

Create Catalog. When you click this button, bam! You are inside the new catalog that you’ve created. It is empty initially, but you can add content quickly.

Cancel. If you decide not to create a catalog, click this button to exit the New Catalog dialog.

Quit App. If BulletProof can't detect another catalog on your computer, then canceling the catalog will quit the application. This is because BulletProof can't operate without an open catalog. Typically, you will only see the Quit App button when you use BulletProof for the first time on a computer.

Open a Catalog. Use this button if you decide to work with an existing catalog instead of creating a new one.

Hide/Show Help. Click this button to open the left side of the New Catalog dialog, and read the 1-2-3 steps.