Red Giant BulletProof


Curves provides a master RGB curve, plus Red, Green, and Blue curve controls with fixed-control-point editing. This tool lets you adjust shadow, midtone and highlight areas with a single, easy-to-use control.

You can adjust the Curve line by hand with its points. Or you can adjust the Curve by typing or scrubbing specific values in the numeric fields. Click the Reset button to set all of the controls to their default 0 positions.

Already know Red Giant? If you’re familiar with our Magic Bullet Looks 2 product, then you will recognize Curves. It functions the same in BulletProof as it does in Looks.




Adds to the “S” shape of the overall curve.



Weighted to the upper half of the curve.



Weighted to the midpoint of the curve.



Weighted to the lower half of the curve.


RGB, Red, Green, Blue

Lets you adjust the individual color channels.


Gamma Space

The assumed gamma of the footage.

The Red channel of Curves has been adjusted for Highlights.