Red Giant BulletProof

Export Options Panel

Export view is where you export clips as edit-ready media, and Export Options let you decide how and where the clips will be exported. These options are designed for fast delivery of masters, proxies and dailies, without the usual tedium of transcoding.



What's in Export Options?

  • There are Global Settings for all clips that are being exported, like Timecode and Frame Rate.
  • Export Groups make this process even faster with predefined sets of presets and task settings.
  • There are also Export Clips settings for each individual set of clips, like choosing the destination folder and baking in color adjustments.
  • Export Presets have predefined tasks to speed up your export process.
  • Once you have chosen the Export settings, you can start the queue with the Start Export button.
  • As with Import Options, you can view the settings in different ways with the Mode buttons.



Selecting clips for export

To export clips, you select the clips, folders or playlists that you want to export. Adjust the export settings, then click the Start Export button. Pretty simple.

When you slide into Export, the clips that were already selected in another view will remain selected. Choosing a different folder or playlist in the Catalog panel will change the clip selection. You can add or exclude clips from the export by deselecting them in the Thumbnails panel.


Start Export button

This button starts the export process. To make Start Export active, you will need to select at least one item; this can be a folder, playlist, clip, or group of clips. When the export starts, all of the queued Export Clip tasks will export in order.


Using the Activity Status

Watch the export. Once export has started, the Activity Status will indicate its progress. The Exported column counts the clips that are finished, Remaining counts the clips in progress, and Errors counts clips that have failed to export. These processes are captured for you to see in the Activity Log.

Cancel the export. Canceling an export is simple. Click the Activity Status button to open its display, then click the X next to the Export in Progress row. Your export has been canceled. NOTE: BulletProof does not currently have a pause/resume feature.



Conversation and Layout modes

The Mode buttons lets you view Export Options in two ways. You can choose between a friendly Conversation mode and an “engineer-friendly” Layout mode.

  • Conversation mode displays the options as sentences. It's the initial setting for your catalog.
  • Layout mode displays the options with traditional user interface controls.

The options are the same in both modes, except for Timecode Start. We designed the BulletProof interface to be intuitive, and this toggle lets you use Import Options in the way that is most comfortable to you.