Red Giant BulletProof

Getting Started with BulletProof

BulletProof is easy to get started with. Your workflow always starts with a BulletProof project, which is called a “catalog.”

When you fire up BulletProof for the first time, you won’t have any catalogs for it to open. You need to tell BulletProof where to save the catalog file, and where to put the imported clips. To do this, BulletProof will display the New Catalog dialog.

In the New Catalog dialog, you are asked to do three easy tasks. Learn all the steps in Create a New Catalog.

  1. Name the catalog.
  2. Choose where to save that project file.
  3. Choose where to save copied imported media.

When you click the Create Catalog button, BulletProof will open your new catalog in Import view. A new catalog is initially empty because you have not yet imported any clips.


To import media:

  1. Select where your clips are in the Source panel, left pane.
  2. Adjust the Import Clips options, middle pane.
  3. Adjust the Backup Clips options, middle pane.
  4. Check the Catalog panel, right pane, to make sure clips will be copied to the correct destination folder.
  5. Click the Start Import button. The Start Import button is only active when both source clips and a catalog folder are selected.


While your clips are importing, BulletProof will slide into Organize view. This view is the most detailed way of viewing and sorting media in your catalog. During an import an Activity Status pane will be shown so you can watch the import, backup and checksum verification progress of each clip.

The imported clips are displayed in the Thumbnail panel, as the import progresses. In the Catalog panel, you can create more folders and subfolders to further organize the entire project of clips or add detailed metadata using the Metadata panel.

Once your clips are imported and your catalog is organized, slide over to Review view to srub or watch clips and Refine view to experiment with first pass color adjustments. Then go Export view to save your clips as project-ready media.