Red Giant BulletProof

Import Options Panel

BulletProof is designed to pull media off camera cards during or after a shoot or add footage that has already been shot and offloaded but you want to access the footage from within BulletProof. It's also useful for importing media from removable storage, external and internal drives. Import view is where you set up the import, and Import Options are what you use to do that.

What's in Import Options?

  • There are two very different ways to import your media, by adding references to existing media or by copying new media.
  • There are two option areas, Import Clips and Backup Clips.
  • You can view these options in different ways with the Mode buttons in the upper right of the panel.
  • Once you have chosen the Import and Backup settings, you can kick off the import with the Start Import button.
  • There are Import & Backup presets that will apply pre-saved Import and Backup options to the source clips you're about to import.
  • There are Presets for color, metadata and keywords. Nothing in BulletProof is destructive to your native files. The settings applied during import can be edited later using the Metadata or Color Settings panels..



Start Import button

This button kicks off the BulletProof process. To import your clips, locate the media card or hard drive that you are importing from, select the clips, and press the Start Import button. To make Start Import active, you will need to select at least one clip — though we expect you’ll select more!


Activity Status

Watch the import. Once import has started, BulletProof will slide to Organize view, and the Activity Status will indicate its progress. The Imported column counts the clips that are finished, Remaining counts the clips in progress, and Errors counts clips that have failed to import.

Cancel the import. Canceling an import is simple. Click the Activity Status button to open its display, then click the X next to the Import in Progress row. Your import has been canceled. NOTE: BulletProof does not currently have a pause/resume feature.


We safely verify your data

During Import, your media is copied into BulletProof and then safely verified. BulletProof uses a byte verification of CRC-32 (Cycle Redundancy Check) that makes sure the media copy always matches the original source. The copying speed will be about the same as you experience in an application like Disk Utility.

To see the activity, go to File> Show Activity Log File. This menu item will open a text-based file that shows a "crc32" value next to each file that has been imported. Learn more in Checksum & Activity Log.


Conversation and Layout modes

The Mode buttons let you view Import Options in two ways. You can choose between a friendly Conversation mode or a more traditional Layout mode.

  • Conversation mode displays the options as sentences. It's the initial setting for your catalog.
  • Layout mode displays the options with traditional user interface controls.

Options are the same in both modes, except for Keyword presets. We designed the BulletProof interface to be intuitive, and this toggle lets you use Import Options in the way that is most comfortable to you.