Red Giant BulletProof

About Import View

Import view is the starting point for your BulletProof project. This is where you import source clips into a new or existing catalog. Your clips can be imported from a local drive, external drive or media card that is directly attached to the computer.

First, you must have a catalog open, since BulletProof needs a project to import your source clips into. You can create a new catalog or open an existing one.

Importing your media is easy. You need at least one clip selected in the Thumbnails panel, and a folder in the catalog that is designated for the clips. Then click the Start Import button to begin the import process.


The Import panels

Import view has three panels that take you through the import process. Actually, they kinda slide you through, from left to right, since BulletProof’s interface is designed to move horizontally.

Import Source and Thumbnail panes. Select the hard drives and media cards to import from, learn more. Preview the source clips and choose which to import, learn more.
Import and Backup Options. Choose Import settings and Backup options. Learn more
Catalog. Create catalog folders, organize them, and set the Import destination. Learn more