Red Giant BulletProof

Get Support

Support is always available for you from Red Giant, the publisher of Magic Bullet, Singular Software, Trapcode, Knoll and Digital Anarchy products.

The best way to contact us is through our Support page. We track all cases that come into Red Giant, and filling out our Support Case form will give you the quickest response. Click here to log into and open a ticket. Make sure to read the helpful Product FAQs about BulletProof.

After installation, your default internet browser will open to our Registration page so you can register your product. This page explains how to authorize your purchase of BulletProof with a serial number, or run the unpurchased product in Trial mode.



Enter your serial number

The installer will give you a choice of installing as a licensed product or in Trial mode. If you have a serial number for a product or suite, please enter it to fully use the product. When you purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with your serial number. YOU MUST ENTER A SERIAL NUMBER TO USE THIS PRODUCT IN LICENSED MODE.

You can enter the serial number during the installation process. The Registration page during the installation process gives you a Serial Number field.

The serial number is a string of 20 characters in this format: AAAA #### #### #### ####

Type the 20-character serial number EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS in your purchase email. You must type the first four letters AND the numbers, and enter all characters to complete the activation. Get help here




Evaluate in Trial mode

If you don't enter a serial number during installation, your product will automatically run in Trial mode. Trial mode lets you try the product for 30 days before you purchase it. More info here

Important: If no products are checkmarked in the list, then nothing will be installed, although the installer will appear to run.




Unlock Trial mode with your serial number

If you purchase the product after using the Trial version, you can easily unlock Trial mode with a serial number. In the BulletProof menu, choose Enter Serial Number... to open the Registration screen, then enter your serial number. Get help here