Red Giant BulletProof

Keywords Panel & Presets

A"keyword" is a word or phrase that defines the content of a clip. If you are importing footage that was shot underwater, for instance, the keywords may include "scuba" and "blue." Keywords are a powerful tool for organizing your media.

The Keywords panel is where you add keywords to clips, and have the option of saving those keywords as a preset. Because keywords are so important, BulletProof has many other ways to enter them. You can also add keywords in the Keyword Preset menu of Import Options, or you can context-click on a thumbnail to open a Set Keywords dialog.

At left, the Keywords panel in Refine view. At right, the Set Keywords dialog in Import Options.



Keyword field

This field is where you type in the keywords. A keyword can be a single word or multiple words. Use the Return, Enter or Comma key to separate keywords.

To delete a keyword, select that keyword and hit the Delete or Backspace key.




Save a new preset

To save a preset, choose Save New Preset. Give the preset a name that reflects its settings. In our example below, we saved a keyword preset that will identify underwater shots with orange fish, and called that preset “underwater orange.”



Apply and append a preset

To apply a Keyword preset, then choose a preset from the Preset Values menu. Its keywords are added to your clip.

When you apply a Keyword preset, that metadata is appended. The keywords that you already applied to a clip will remain. The keywords from the preset are added to them.

For instance, let's say you have added the keywords "blue"and "coral" to a clip, and you have a preset with the keywords "scuba" and "fish." If you append the preset to that clip, then the clip will wind up with all four keywords.

Left to right, keywords are added to a clip; then a Keyword preset is applied; and the preset's keywords are appended to the existing ones.



Modify a preset

Once you've applied a Keyword preset, you can edit, delete or add metadata. You can modify your existing preset by choosing Modify [Name] to resave those edited keywords.



Manage the presets

To view and manage your Keyword presets, click the menu and choose Manage Presets. This will open the hard drive location where the presets are stored. From here, you can delete or move the .bpwp files that each represent a preset.