Red Giant BulletProof

Managing your media in BulletProof

The catalog structure for BulletProof is a simple nesting of folders and clips. Each folder and clip in the catalog has a stored location on a hard drive.

However, the BulletProof catalog does not mirror exactly what’s stored on your hard drive. One reason is because removing an item from the catalog doesn’t delete it from the drive; we protect your data by not throwing away anything. The other reason is that BulletProof doesn’t recognize any actions taken in the stored location — so we recommend that you always work from within the catalog.

Above, a folder in a catalog. Below, the folder in its stored drive location.



Editing your folders and clips

Copy or move. Whenever you copy or move a folder or clip in the catalog,
that change also happens in the drive location.

Remove from catalog. When you remove a folder or clip in the catalog, you are removing that item from the catalog only. The removal does not happen in the drive location. To remove an item, select File> Delete, OR context-click the item and select Remove From Catalog.

No delete. There is currently no delete command in BulletProof for folders or clips. The catalog does not delete those items or move them to the trash.


TIP: Always work in the catalog!

We track what you do inside BulletProof, but we don't track what you do outside of it. We do not fully “sync” the clips between your catalog and your drive.

When you import media, we copy those files to the hard drive. When changes are made in your catalog, they are also made on the hard drive. However, if changes are made on the hard drive, BulletProof does NOT know about those changes, and they will not show up in the catalog.

For instance, if you create a new folder in the catalog, BulletProof will immediately display that change, and also create that folder on your drive. But if you create a new folder in the drive location, BulletProof will not display a new folder in the catalog.

The best practice is to always work with your catalog from within BulletProof.


Where the catalog is stored

Your catalog project file is always stored in a Red Giant folder in your Documents directory. You can choose a different location when you create a new catalog.

The default location is User/Documents/Red Giant/Catalogs/.


Where the media is stored

The media that you import into your catalog is copied to a drive location. Media is stored, by default, in your User/Movies folder inside a “Media” folder. You can choose a different location when you create a new catalog.

A great aspect of BulletProof is that it doesn't force you to store your media in a hidden or buried directory. Your clips are available in a location that you choose, and are always easily accessible. (Though we suggest that you work in the catalog, not in the drive location.)

The default location is User/Movies/Red Giant/Media/[catalog].