Red Giant BulletProof

Metadata Panel

The Metadata panel is chock full of ways to instantly organize your footage by camera, shot, take, or however you need.

Located in Refine view, this panel is where clip metadata can be viewed, edited and saved as presets. All metadata is applied non-destructively, so your original clips are always safe and untouched. Learn about metadata

BulletProof currently supports the transfer of metadata using the XMP and XML formats.

The Metadata panel has presets that can be saved, applied and appended, which are explained in the Metadata Presets page.



Basic Info set

This set of attributes is auto-populated by the clip’s properties, like the file name, file type, codec and duration.

There are also editable fields for data defined in BulletProof.

  • Type in a name for the clip in the Title field. The Title will be used as the clip name when you export the clip.
  • Set the clip's In/Out points with the Video In and Video Out fields, instead of using the In/Out controls in the Playback panel.

Another important field in Basic Info is the Checksum. This value is your verification that the clip imported safely. It refers to the CRC32 number generated during import, which can be found in the catalog's Activity Log.


Slate set

This set of attributes is where you enter typical slate information, like Scene, Roll, Take and and Shot Type.


Labels set

This set of attributes lets you define the usefulness of a clip. This is where you set flags and labels, make notes to define the clip. Learn about Labels

NOTE: Color Labels are useful when organizing clips within BulletProof, but do not get transferred as metadata to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro on export.


Markers set

This set of attributes defines markers that are set in the clip. A marker is a small triangle in your clip’s timeline that defines an important point.

To create a marker, click the Add Marker button, and type in a marker name. To delete a marker, click the Minus button. You can also set markers in the Playback panel in Review and Refine views. Learn about Markers


Audio Sync set

This attribute assign bins to clips. A bin is used for clips that will be exported or sent to PluralEyes for audio and clip synchronization.

To assign a bin to a set of clips, select the clips in Organize and select a camera or audio bin from the Media Bin drop-down menu.


Copyright set

This set of attributes is where you define the copyright status the media. This is most useful if you have sourced stock footage or for completed works you have in your catalog.


Contact set

This set of attributes is where you enter the contact details for your company, your department, or the production.


Client set

This set of attributes is where you enter the contact details for your client.


EXIF set

BulletProof honors and displays EXIF metadata, if it is available for a clip. All EXIF fields are read-only.

For instance, if you fire up Premiere Pro and add a star rating to a video clip, and then import that clip into BulletProof, its Premiere Pro star rating will display as EXIF information.

NOTE: Currently, EXIF data will transfer when clips are imported from a media card, but not from a hard drive.

This screenshot shows only part of the EXIF metadata fields.