Red Giant BulletProof

Using Presets in Metadata Panel

The Metadata panel lets you save, modify and manage presets for later use. The process is a little different than working with Color presets, Import presets or Export presets, but the options are similar, so let's take a look at how that works.



Select values, then save a preset

To save a Metadata preset, you first select values in a Metadata set. You can select and save individual values, multiple values, one set or multiple sets as a preset.


1. Enter the values

Before you can create a preset, you need to select a clip (or clips), and fill in some metadata values!

In our example at right, we've entered some values in the Slate set.


2. Select the values

To select all labels with values in the Metadata set, Control-click or Right-click anywhere in that set. From the contextual menu, choose the Select [Set] Values option. NOTE: Labels that don't hold a value are not selected.

To select an individual Metadata value, click on the label name, like Roll or Scene. Keep clicking on labels to add those values to your selection. You can individually add values from different Metadata sets to your selection.

In our example, we've context-clicked the Slate set, which gives the option of "Select Slate Values."


3. Labels highlighted, values selected

You can select a label has a blank value, or is set to None, and save it as a preset. When the preset is applied, that blank/None value will clear any entered values for that label.

Once you've selected a Metadata value or Metadata set, those labels get highlighted, selected and ready for action.

Deselect the values

It's easy to deselect labels or sets. To deselect all labels in a set, click in the panel away from the label names, or context-click and choose Deselect [Set Name]. To deselect a single label, click on that label. The labels will no longer be highlighted and the values will no longer be selected.


4. Save the values as a preset

Now that you have the Metadata values saved to the clipboard, you can save them as a preset. Context-click and choose Save New Preset. Now you can reuse these values anytime with other clips.



Apply a preset

To apply a Metadata preset, choose a preset from the Preset Values menu. Any metadata values that already exist for the clip will be replaced by values saved to the preset.

Any metadata values that already exists in an attribute will remain. Only the unfilled attributes will be replaced by the new preset values.

If a selected value is blank or set to None, when the preset is applied to other clips, that blank/None value will overwrite any entered value. For instance, if Color Label is set to None, then any clip that preset is applied to will clear a previously applied Color Label.




Modify a preset

Once you've applied a Metadata preset, the values are no longer tied to the saved preset. You can edit, delete or add metadata values, and modify your existing preset values by resaving the edited metadata.

To modify a preset:

  1. First select the metadata. Click on any attribute name within a Metadata set, or context-click on the set and choose Select [Set Name].
  2. Then context-click again and choose Modify [Preset]. Now the preset stores the new metadata.



Manage the presets

To view and manage your Metadata presets, click the menu and choose Manage Presets. This will open the hard drive location where the presets are stored. From here, you can delete or move the .bpwp files that each represent a preset.