Red Giant BulletProof

About Organize View

Organize view is the most detailed way of viewing and sorting the media in your catalog. For media you have copied into the catalog from media cards you can organize your project by creating new folders and subfolders, moving the clips between folders, and removing clips from the catalog. Create playlists for all of your media, which are shortcuts that point to specific clips in the catalog.

When you open an existing catalog, that project will open in Organize. After you offload media clips or add media to the catalog in Import view, BulletProof will take you to Organize to see the entire project and monitor the import process. All clips have a physical location in a folder on a drive.

You don’t always have to use Organize. BulletProof is designed for you to move fluidly from Import to Export, letting you choose which in-between steps are right for your task.


Using the Organize panels

There are three panels in Organize.

Catalog. Create folders and playlists to keep your media organized in your project. Learn more
Thumbnails. Quickly view clips, and apply attributes like star ratings and labels. Learn more
Metadata. View and apply metadata attributes like slate information and keywords . Learn more


Looking for a specific clip?

Search. Look for clips in a catalog using a set of metadata. Learn more