Red Giant BulletProof

Outside the Views

The heart of BulletProof is its five views: Import, Organize, Review, Refine and Export. But these views are supported by other important interface areas. This section explains the broader interface of BulletProof.

Swipe with your fingers. On a trackpad, you can move from one view to the next with a two-finger swipe, from left or right.


Title Bar

The Title Bar is located along the top of the BulletProof interface. Its five tabs let you slide between the five views.
Use the Maximize button at top right to expand the interface to your full screen.

The name of the open catalog is also displayed here; in our example, it’s “myBPcatalog.rgcat”. Learn about .RGCAT


Path Bar

A Path Bar along the bottom of all views shows the path on disk for a clip or folder in the catalog. Use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate through clips in a folder that your selected clip is nested in.

Playlists do not appear in the Path Bar; only the path of the folder or clip on disk will display.


Activity Indicator

The Activity Indicator button keeps you notified about BulletProof activity. Click to open the Activity Status pane, your monitoring device for Import, Backup and Export processes.

When the indicator is spinning and yellow, BulletProof is processing media. Open the Activity Status pane and see details like whether an importing clip is being verified, or if your export is almost complete.


Metadata Button

The Metadata button shows or hides the Metadata pane in both the Organize and Review views.


Conversation and Layout Mode Buttons

The Import and Backup, as well as Export, options have two different ways of displaying their controls. You can choose between a friendly Conversation mode or a more traditional Layout mode by clicking on the Mode toggle button at the top right of the panels.