Red Giant BulletProof

Pinning a Clip

When you're in Refine view, the Playback panel has a helpful feature called "pinning." Pinning lets you apply metadata and color to only one clip in a selection.

Let's say you're reviewing a bunch of clips, and you come to a single clip that has bad exposure and needs Curves applied. You don't want to deselect the other clips, make the Curves adjustment, then have to reselect all of the clips again. That's where pinning comes in.



How it works

Typically when you have multiple clips selected, you will apply the same metadata to all of those clips. This is a fast way to populate your footage with information.

But sometimes as you are working with a group of clips, you will want to do one thing — like apply a keyword or make a color adjustment — to just one clip, and then continue working on the group.

When you have more than two clips selected in Refine view, a gray pin icon appears in the Playback panel. If you click the Pin button, it turns yellow. You have told BulletProof to temporarily selector "pin" only the clip that is showing in the Viewer.

All settings that are changed in the Metadata and Color Settings panels will only be applied to the clip being viewed. It's as if you allowed the full selection to stay intact, but forget its selection for a moment.

Pinning is temporary. Once you move on to another clip, BulletProof forgets the clip that was pinned, but keeps that clip's new Refine settings.