Red Giant BulletProof


Choose the File> Preferences menu item to access helpful settings for BulletProof.



Show Tooltips

Turned on by default. When you hover over a control or UI element in BulletProof, an explanation of the feature is displayed.



Play an audio prompt when an operation has completed

Turned off by default. When an Import, Backup or Export process has completed, a chime sound is played. This is helpful way of getting your attention if you walk away from your computer while BulletProof is processing.



Show the Activity Log file when errors occur

Turned on by default. This preference opens the Activity Log file which is stored in your User/Documents folder. Learn about Activity Log



Send anonymous Usage Statistics

Turned on by default. Usage Statistics collects statistics about how you use BulletProof, including whether BulletProof installs successfully, and your computer’s system information like OS, processor and installed RAM. Usage Statistics does not collect any personal information, or look at anything that isn’t BulletProof related.

By keeping this option on, you are helping us to build BulletProof’s features and define what it will do in future versions.



Reset all dialogs with a Don't Show Again checkbox

Click the Reset button to reset all dialogs that have been turned off, so they display again.