Red Giant BulletProof

About Refine View

Refine view is where you make your clips look better. You can also experiment with first pass color adjustments like Red Giant’s Colorista 3-Way tool. All color settings are non-destructive.

Once you get to Refine, you have already imported or added clips in Import and viewed them in Organize. However, you don’t have to use Refine. BulletProof is designed for you to move fluidly from Import to Export, letting you choose which in-between steps are right for your task.


Using the Refine panels

There are four panels in Refine.

Thumbnails. Preview the clips and select a clip to make color adjustments to. Learn more
Large Preview and Playback. View, play and color adjust a large version of the selected clip. Learn more
Color Settings. Apply color adjustments to your clips. Learn more