Red Giant BulletProof

About Review View

Review view is where you look at individual clips in order to further organize the catalog or set additional metadate. You can add and edit detailed metadata to each clip, from EXIF settings to markers to client notes.

Use the Playback controls to scrub a clip, identify In/Out points, and mark its usefulness.

As files are being played or reviewed, it’s easy to make quick decisions about keeping or rejecting clips, marking hero frames, and adding a color label or star rating. In fact, if you want to add metadata or color to just one clip in a group, you can set a "pin" to refine that clip without dropping your selection.

Once you get to Review, you have already offloaded or added clips in Import and viewed them in Organize. However, you don’t have to use Review. BulletProof is designed for you to move fluidly from Import to Export, letting you choose which in-between steps are right for your task.


Using the Review panels

There are three panels in Review.

Thumbnails. Preview the clips and select a clip to play. Learn more
Large Preview and Playback. View, play and set In/Out points on a large version of the selected clip. Learn more
Metadata. View and apply metadata attributes like markers and keywords . Learn more