Red Giant BulletProof

Search Panel

When you need to find something, you can use the Search panel to help. Search lets you look for clips in a catalog using a set of metadata, like clip name, keyword or Color Label.

Your Search activity happens in Organize view. Turn on the Search switch, which is located above the catalog panel. The Search Options appear above the thumbnails, and the Thumbnails panel updates to show the results of your search.

Search is turned on, the Star Rating and Color Label predicates are active , and search results are displayed.



How Search works

When you first turn on Search, the default setting will search for text in any searchable metadata field. This is the most basic and simple method of search.

Type in a search predicate. Search starts automatically and your results appear in the Thumbnails panel.


Your Search is applied to the current selection, which could be a folder or playlist. The clips that fit the search criteria will display. The clips that don’t fit the criteria get hidden.

When Search is on, the search results display in all views except Import. The clips that display in Organize will stay selected when you go to Review, Refine or Export. A label that says “Search Active” shows above the clips in those views.

Once Search is turned off, the clips from the Search results go away, and the clips of the selected folder or playlist come back.

Search results in Organize remain selected in Refine.



Search predicates

Search initially displays one set of Search predicates. You can add more sets by clicking the Add button, which lets you combine multiple predicates and make the search more detailed.

In the example below, our search is for a clip with the name “ocean,” a Star Rating of 3 Stars or higher, and the keywords “ocean” and “hawaii.” You read the Search options from left to right, one row at a time.

If your initial search doesn’t produce the desired results, click the Start Over button to erase the current Search options. Alternately, you can click the Minus button to remove any search predicate and narrow the results.

Three sets of search predicates.



Search options

Each set of Search predicates has three or four options in a row. These options are for subject, and/or, operator and label.



The first option is a drop-down menu that lets you select a metadata subject. Searchable metadata includes Filename, Keyword, Flag, Star Rating and Color Label.


Each time you add a Search predicate, the And/Or drop-down menu is appended. This drop-down menu lets you choose how to quantify multiple subjects. “And” tells Search to look for this subject along with the others, while “Or” tells Search that any of the subjects will fit the criteria.




The next drop-down menu is the operator. Its options depend on the metadata subject.

  • Some subjects use text that you type in. Their operators let you search for some of that text (“Contains”), all of that text (“Contains All”), or that exact text string (“Exact Match”). These subjects are Any, Filenames, Keywords, Slate information and Searchable EXIF Only.

  • Other subjects have preset labels to choose from. Their operators sort the metadata with comparisons like Equal To (=) or Greater Than (>). These subjects are Star Rating, Color Label and Flag.

  • One subject, Created Date, uses a preset calendar. Its operators decide the chronology to look at.



The final Search field is the label. Often this label is a hand typed word, like when you’re searching for a Filename or Keyword. For some metadata, the field gives you labels to chose from, like a Flag or Color Label.