Red Giant BulletProof

Source Panel

The Source panel is where you select a media card or hard drive for import. It is part of Import view, where you import your clips into a catalog.

Any media card, internal drive or external drive that is directly connected to your computer will display in Source panel. Twirl down a disk/card to display a list of folders. When you select a drive, card or folder, all of its clips display to the right.

Source panel in Import.



How it works

You can import media from one souce at a time; folder, drive or media card. Navigate to the source on the left. Once a source has been selected, thumbnails will generate to the right.

NOTE: The Source panel does not currently support drag-and-drop. An import is always queued with a selection of media files.

Source panel with a folder selected and thumbnails displayed for media contained in the selected folder.