Red Giant BulletProof

Steps to Import Clips into a Catalog

Here are the simple steps to import your clips into a BulletProof catalog. To do this, you need to first create a new catalog OR open an existing catalog.

  1. Select an Import Source
    Select a hard drive or media card in the Source panel. If needed, choose a folder inside. Click to select the clips that you’d like to import.

    By default, all clips in that card, drive or folder are selected; you will see an Import All checkbox that is selected. You can leave this selection, or select only the clips that you want.

    Alternately, you can drag-and-drop your clips or folder of clips onto the BulletProof application icon. This will load the clips into the Import Clips queue.

  2. Choose Your Import Options
    The first decision to make is Add vs Copy. As you import the media into your BulletProof catalog, will you need to copy media from a card or are you adding media that has already been copied.

    When copying files to your catalog you can copy the entire card or folder structure or just the media files.

    By default, media will be copied to the location you specified when you created the catalog. You can change this to another location if you desire.

    You can add presets or keywords to each clip that is imported. Select a preset, type in the keywords, or choose a Keyword preset that you already created. Learn about keywords

  3. Choose Backup Options
    Backup options are turned off by default. To create a backup copy of the imported clips, switch Backup Clips on. To make multiple backup copies, click the Add Backup button to add another backup queue. Learn about backups

  4. Preview the location of your files in the catalog before you begin the import.
    A destination drive and folder will be selected in the Catalog panel based on your import option decisions. The folder structure shown in the Catalog panel also mirrors the folder structure on disk. Rest assured, if you make any organizational mistakes on import you can correct them once the import is complete in Organize view. Learn more about Import Media and Folder Path.
  5. Click the Start Import button, and your import begins.

    While your clips are importing, BulletProof will slide into Organize view. The imported clips will display in the Thumbnails panel, where you can immediately select each clip. In the Catalog panel, you can start creating folders and playlists to further organize the entire project.