Red Giant BulletProof

Summary of the Views

BulletProof is designed to look like what it does. Its five views are arranged in a left-to-right flow that mirrors what you do on set. Moving between views is interactive with a sliding interface, and as easy as a finger swipe.

Move between five views. BulletProof is arranged in five “views,” which are interface areas that move you, from left to right, through the application. Slide between Import, Organize, Review, Refine and Export.

Left to right flow. This "panoramic UI" keeps you in tune with what you are doing and where your files are going. The left to right progression resembles how you might lay physical work out on a long table.

The five-view process. You start by importing and backing up clips in Import view. Then you organize the clips into folders and playlists and apply metadata in Organize view. You can view and playback the clips in Review, and apply color adjustments in Refine. The final step is to export edit-ready footage from Export view.

Import view

Import is the starting point for your BulletProof project. This is where you import source clips and save them into
a new or existing catalog. Your clips can
be imported from a local drive, external drive, or media card that is directly attached to the computer, and you can backup more copies of the imported media.
Learn more

Organize view

Organize is the most detailed way
of viewing and sorting imported clips. Organize your catalog by creating new folders, move clips between folders, and delete clips. It is in this view that you can edit and add detailed metadata to each clip, from EXIF settings to client notes. You can also create playlists, which are lists of clips that can be organized into collections. Learn more

Review view

Review is all about playback. This view
is where you look at individual clips in order to further organize your catalog. Use the playback controls to scrub a clip, identify in/out points and add markers. Learn more

Refine view

Refine is where you make your clips look better by applying non-destructive basic color adjustments using Colorista 3-Way and LUT files. Learn more

Export view

Export is the final destination for your media prep. This is where you save your clips as project-ready files. Export the clips individually or in sets, and transcode them with important data like resolution and timecode burn in. Learn more