Red Giant BulletProof

Using Catalogs

The Catalog panel is divided into two sections. The top section, or the Folder pane of the Catalog panel, always reflects and displays the folder structures of any media on disks. You are encouraged to keep that organization but nothing is stopping you from reorganizing your media by creating more subfolders. Just keep in mind any changes made in the Catalog panel will also be made on disk. Learn about managing media

The bottom section is the Playlist pane. Playlists are not folders and are not reflected on disk they are virtual groupings or collections of media files. We recommend using folders for your media organization and playlists for specific collections of media. For example, you might use a playlist to group clips that you want to color correct or export as a group.


Folders in the Catalog panel

Your catalog is organized by drives and folders and is displayed in the Catalog panel. From the Catalog panel, you can add, rename, move and remove folders from the catalog. Move actions are restricted to individual drives.

The top most entry in the Catalog panel represents your entire catalog. Selecting this entry will display all clips imported into the catalog. The catalog entry is followed by top level root folders, and then subfolders.

When a folder is selected, it shows the clips it contains, including all of the clips in its subfolders. Individual clips display in the Thumbnail panel.

Each top level folder displays the total number of clips it contains, which includes all clips in its subfolders.

The folder “JCR” has 104 clips total. Thumbnail panel shows the subfolders that hold the clips.


Playlists in the Catalog panel

As with folders, you can add, rename and delete playlists in the Catalog panel. Playlists are different than folders, since they point to clips rather than store them.

A playlist lets you organize clips non-destructively by groups rather than location. You create a playlist to save a list of clips that have a relationship that you’ve defined, but aren’t stored in the same folder.

When a playlist is selected, its thumbnails will display at right. Selecting a clip in a playlist is the same as selecting it from a folder. Any metadata or color corrections applied to a clip in a playlist is really applied to the clip itself.

Two playlists are always available for you to use. These playlists show the most recently imported and exported clips, and they are automatically populated and updated. Learn about playlists

The custom playlist “Color Correct to adjust brightness” displays four clips that were added because of their need for color adjustments.


Add buttons

The Add buttons are your ticket to new folders and, playlists. Click the Plus icon to add a new folder or playlist.

You can add a new folder with the Add Folder button, or with the Catalog> New Folder menu item.

You can add a new playlist with the Add Playlist button, or with the Catalog> New Playlist menu item. In Import, playlists will display in the catalog panel but are not selectable. In Organize and Export views, the playlist is immediately usable.