Red Giant BulletProof

Using Metadata

"Metadata" is information that is known about a file. Some metadata gets imported with your footage from the in-camera settings, like video codec, aspect ratio and aperture value. A lot of the metadata that BulletProof handles will be added by you after Import, like markers, keywords, color adjustments and slate information.

Metadata can be viewed and applied to an individual clip, or batch applied to a group of clips. If you have a clip in multiple playlists, a change to any of the clip instances will change the metadata for all instances.

Any metadata that you add is non-destructive. The metadata only exists in the BulletProof catalog, and does not affect the original media on disk or sidecar files. BulletProof maintains the fidelity of your source footage by not writing over any data. The metadata is applied when you export footage, depending upon Export Options that you choose.

Left to right, metadata is entered in the Marker set, a Keyword preset in Import Options, and two Color Setting tools.



Metadata in the panels

BulletProof is crazy for metadata! There are many ways in BulletProof to view, input, edit and transfer metadata. Here is a rundown of where it's found in the BulletProof interface.

Import Options. Existing metadata is always read and acquired from clips that are imported. The camera metadata appears in Metadata sets like Basic Info and EXIF. BulletProof supports common Canon and Nikon sidecar files as well as in-clip metadata. Go to Compatibility chart

Import presets. New metadata can be applied during import using Keyword, Color and Metadata presets. Learn about Import presets

Search panel. All metadata is searchable. This includes keywords, Color Labels, Star Ratings... you name it, we find it. Learn about Search

Playlists. If a clip is in multiple playlists, a change to the clip's metadata is applied to all instances of the clip in playlists.

Color Settings. All color adjustments are metadata is non-destructive. Your adjustments in the Color Setting tools are visually applied to a clip, but they don't affect the original media that is saved on disk. When you export the clips, you can choose to bake the color metadata into the footage. Learn about Color Settings

Metadata panel. This is the holy grail for working with metadata, since every piece is tracked here. Metadata is grouped into sets of related attributes like Labels, Slate and Markers. Learn about Metadata panel

Thumbnails. Label metadata like Star Rating and Circle Take can be applied to a clip in the Thumbnail panel. Learn about Labels

Keywords panel. Every keyword that you set is really a piece of metadata. Learn about Keywords

Export Options. Color adjustments can be baked into the clip with the Apply Color Settings option. Learn about Export Clips

Export XML/XMP. Metadata can be exported with the clips as embedded XMP metadata, and/or in a separate XML file that is readable by other applications. Learn about XMP/XML