Red Giant BulletProof

What is a Catalog?

A BulletProof catalog is a project file, saved to your hard drive, that includes a database and cache files. This project file that points to imported clips and their folder organization. The database, thumbnail cache and activity logs are all stored in a directory that’s named the same as the catalog.

The default disk location of the catalog is a Red Giant folder in your Documents directory. Learn about managing media


Open an existing catalog

It’s easy to open a catalog that you’ve already created. Just go to File> Open Catalog. You can also use File> Open Recent Catalogs to open previously viewed catalogs.

The catalog will always open in Organize view, so you can start working immediately.

When you launch BulletProof, Organize will always display the last catalog that you used. Only one catalog can be open at a time. When you open a catalog, the one that’s currently open will automatically close.

The New Catalog dialog also gives you the opportunity to open a catalog that you already created.



What the catalog creates

When you create a new catalog, a couple of items are created on your drive.

A project file is created with the extension .RGCAT. The file is stored in a folder that uses the catalog name. In the example below, we created a catalog called "myBPdefault."

The catalog file defaults to your User Documents folder: Hard Drive:Users/[You]/Documents/Red Giant/Catalogs

Along with the project file, a folder called "Media" is created as the destination for your imported media. The Media folder defaults to your User/ Movies folder: Hard Drive:Users/[You]/Movies/Red Giant/Media It will nest a project folder that uses the catalog name.

If you use the option "Save clips to same location as catalog file," then no Media folder is created. Instead, the imported media is saved in its own folder nesting.



Use a catalog per project

If you’re like most busy professionals, you work on a different project every few days. Most of these projects live on their own hard drives, and BulletProof is designed to handle that.

Most likely, you will create a new BulletProof catalog for each of your projects. Maybe you will keep the catalog on the drive with the footage—that's up to you. BulletProof has the option to manually specify the location of the footage, or to store it with the .RGCAT catalog file.

NOTE: BulletProof only keeps one catalog open at a time.