Red Giant BulletProof

What is BulletProof?

Bridging the gap between camera and editor, BulletProof combines offload, backup, organization, color and delivery tasks while handling footage from multiple cameras and media cards. Whether you shoot with a Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR or GoPro sports cam, every filmmaker, videographer and data wrangler can now quickly and easily transform their capture into edit-ready footage. BulletProof is a complete prep and delivery solution that simplifies tedious everyday tasks that happen on set as well as off set.



Great features of BulletProof

  • One solution does it all. From offload to prep to delivery, BulletProof handles your no-nonsense media prep, freeing you from mundane tasks so your creativity flies.
  • BulletProof has your back. Your footage is validated and backed up to multiple destinations; go ahead and erase that data card without breaking a sweat.
  • Be a hero on set. BulletProof lets you review, color and adjust footage on the fly, so you can quickly move on once you’ve got the right shot.
  • Make your editor happy. Whether you’re shooting with cameras from Canon, Nikon or GoPro, you’ll stay organized without worrying about file formats and codecs, and easily deliver masters, proxies and dailies.
  • We use BulletProof too. Developed by a software company (that’s us!) with filmmaking in its soul, BulletProof solves a need that we found while making our award-winning short films.