This area shows an array of parameters that vary depending on whichever element has been selected. Selected elements throughout Supercomp are highlighted with a blue outline. The currently selected element will show its output through Supercomp's Preview area.

Elements include:

  • Supercomp Layers complete with all of their applied effects.
  • Layer Effects applied within Supercomp.
  • Supercomp itself, which has controls that affect the final output.
    • The Supercomp Output can be selected by clicking the word Supercomp, or by clicking anywhere within the Supercomp Layer section that isn't directly on a layer.

Two controls are applicable to every element of Supercomp:

  • Effect Switch: Found in the top right corner of the Element Controls area, this switch toggles the output of the currently-selected element. Use Supercomp's Preview or the After Effects Preview to see the result of the selected element's output being enabled/disabled.

  • Keyframe Switch: To the right of every slider in Element Controls is a Keyframe Switch which, when enabled (), will keyframe that parameter's adjustments between frames. Enabling the Keyframe Switch will also enable that parameter's display within After Effect's Effect Controls Window, allowing access to its adjustments outside the Supercomp panel. Disabling the Keyframe Switch () will clear any and all keyframes set for that parameter.