Trapcode Mir

How to install Trapcode Mir

Trapcode Mir comes packaged in the Trapcode Suite installer. This installer will automatically place the required Mir components on your hard drive.

The Suite installer will also install the other products included in Trapcode Suite. With a few clicks, you can install all Trapcode products. Each product will install in Trial mode unless you input a serial number for a product. This lets you use the products you have purchased OR try new ones before you buy.

This page explains how to install the product you purchased and run the other products in Trial mode. 

Welcome Screen: Read requirements

The Trapcode Suite installer gives general host and OS specifications. For the latest compatibility information, please visit the Trapcode Mir Compatibility Page.

Registration Screen: Enter serial number

The installer will give you a choice of installing your Trapcode plug-in as a licensed product or in Trial mode. If you have a Serial Number for a product or suite, please input it to fully use the Trapcode product that you purchased. 

Evaluate in Trial Mode

If no serial number is input, your Trapcode product will install in Trial mode. Running in Trial mode lets you try out a Trapcode product before you purchase it. Your project may show a red "X" across the image in both previews and final renders, or may be a timed trial, or it may have keyframe limitations-- aside from that, the Trapcode product is fully functional.

If you purchase a product after installation, you can unlock Trial mode with a serial number at any time within the Effect Controls interface.

Custom Install Screen: Choose host applications

The Trapcode products will install into the host applications with a checkmark. Do not checkmark an application if you do not want it to receive the install. Make sure that you have checkmarked at least one host application or the Trapcode Suite will not install.