Trapcode Mir

Using Mir Presets

Trapcode Mir installs its own Animation Presets. A 'preset' contains parameter values, keyframes and expressions for Mir that creates a specific effect. You can look at a preset as a premade Polygonal mesh animation. All presets that ship with the product are collected in the Preset Gallery below.

Presets are always applied with reference to the current frame. A Mir preset should always be applied at the first frame of the layer. Before selecting a preset, it is important to make sure that the Current Time Indicator (CTI) is positioned at the beginning of the work area. You can also click the Home key on an extended keyboard to return the CTI to frame 0.

Selecting a preset

To select a preset, type in the name Mir in the Effects & Presets panel to see the list of pre-made Mir presets. When a preset is selected, either double click on it or drag it onto the Mir layer and its effect will automatically appear in the Composition window. Its control settings will show in the Effects menu and in the Timeline.

Clearing the preset

There are two ways to clear the preset. One method is to go to the top of the page under Effects> Remove All. This will clear all effects that have been applied, including Mir, from your project. The other method is to hit the “Reset” button on the first instance of Mir in the Effects panel, then delete any extra effects below it. This will reset the Mir controls to their default.

Saving your own presets

You can also save your own custom presets by going to the top panel of After Effects under Animation> Save Animation Preset.